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The average Aussie spends 6 hours a day online. Let’s make sure they can find you.

Digital advertising is an incredibly effective way for small businesses to level the playing field with the big guys. As a full-service agency, we design and implement custom advertising solutions that bring attention to your brand.

Search Engine Advertising

Over 92% of customers choose a business from the first page of Google. Search advertising ensures your business gets a spot on that all-important first page.

Sometimes referred to as Google Adwords, pay per click (PPC) or search engine marketing (SEM), search engine advertising is the science of using paid ads to maximise brand exposure. It involves using highly targeted keywords to create campaigns that resonate with your target audience and deliver excellent ROI.

Search engine advertising provides immediate results. Kick back and relax as the qualified leads start rolling in.

Google Ads
Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

With more than 15 million monthly active Australian users, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the country.

More than 8 in 10 Australians use Facebook to discover new brands, and more than half of those users will go on to learn more about that business or check out the website.

  • Versatile: Increase brand visibility and encourage customers to learn more about your business. Direct people to your website, sell products online, encourage users to watch your video and give directions to your physical store – whatever you have in mind, there’s a good chance Facebook ads can help you do it
  • Targetable: Drill deep into your target demographic and run campaigns aimed at a very specific group of people.
  • Measurable: Facebook ad campaigns are highly measurable, which gives you a lot of insight into the social impact of your campaigns. Keep track of impressions, traffic and engagement, and use the data to tweak your campaigns for maximum ROI.

Both search engine advertising and Facebook advertising can be effective as standalone services, but the best results usually come from using them together. Advertising on search engines provides instant results, while Facebook ads ensure your brand is reaching more people across more devices.


It’s time to light a fire under your warm leads.

As you might imagine, you have a much higher chance of converting a prospect who has already shown interest in your product or service.

Remarketing involves using ads to target people who have already visited your website or engaged with your brand on social media but haven’t yet made a purchase or an enquiry. It gives you the unique opportunity to re-engage with visitors as they browse the web and display targeted ads that encourage them to take that final step.

Remarketing solidifies your brand in front of an audience that you know is at least somewhat interested in your products or services. It can be a very powerful tool for improving sales conversions and brand recognition, especially when used in conjunction with search engine advertising.


Google Shopping

A picture says a thousand words.

Google Shopping allows you to show users an image of your products, as well as a title, price, store name and more. Show off your products, drive traffic to your website or physical store and connect with the hottest leads – the people who are actively looking for your products!

Google Shopping ads reach customers on multiple devices and come with detailed reports to show you what’s working and what you need to do to improve results. Best of all, Google Shopping ads usually convert better and cost less than conventional text-based ads.

Video Ads

Get your brand in front of 1.5 billion YouTube users.

Video accounts for 75% of all internet traffic. In a couple of years, that number is expected to exceed 80%. Capitalise on this growing trend and increase your brand’s visibility by investing in video ads.

Available in a range of formats, video ads can be targeted in a variety of ways to ensure the right audience is watching. Have a chat with our digital marketing experts to learn more about how a video strategy could benefit your business.

Digital Marketing Auckland

Lead Tracking and Reporting

Data is knowledge, and knowledge is power.

Robust tracking and reporting systems ensure your marketing campaigns are on the right track.

Here at Harper Digital, we’re proud to provide transparent reporting systems that help you keep track of just about any metric you can imagine, including phone calls, form submissions, online sales and more.

Use the data to fuel your marketing decisions and monitor the true return on your advertising investment.

Free Digital Strategy Session:

Want to learn more about maximising your brand’s visibility? Book a free 30 minute strategy session and digital audit with one of our experts.